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About us

We are frustrated with e-learning! For many years, we have been struck by the slow and inefficient process of creating e-learning modules. Endless discussions, content constantly being reworked, corrected and amended. Misunderstandings about the deliverable, confusion about the choice of terms, leading to a collective failure and a disappointing result.

We decided in 2021 to rethink all this in light of e-commerce: online ordering, qualification of the need, clarification of processes. The success was immediate: more than 100 organizations ordered courses within the first month. And the success story goes on!

We were also struck by the lack of process control on the client’s side: more often than not, the client receives a “frozen” course, from which he cannot change a single comma. He has to wait and pay again for each modification, translation or improvement. This situation is untenable, costly and inefficient. That’s why we guarantee to provide all the files to the client so that at no time does he have to depend on us to move forward.

Our values


Before TUDIO, it took three months to create an e-learning course. Now it takes only 3 weeks.


So much time wasted doing the same thing again! It’s over, we recycle, we rely on models, we optimize the production chain.


No more hostage-taking of the customer by the supplier. The customer must remain in control of the time, budget, content and its future evolution.

We care about the climate

We are all concerned about global warming.

That’s why, at TUDIO, everything has been thought to reduce our carbon footprint. No transportation, solar energy production, possibility to broadcast videos with a medium resolution, systematic use of open source software, which allows us to use second hand material and to gain even more speed in the realization.

The team

Yousra Charrouf


Hind Boutarf

Financial Director

Stéphanie Vanderbeck

Marketing Officer

Aïcha El Hioul

Multimedia Designer

Saad Dahmi

Pedagogical Designer