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Delegate the creation of
your e-learning courses

Define your e-learning course project in our quote form and get a real-tim schedule and price for the service.

Quick and easy

Define your project in our form. It calculates time and price in real time. Get exactly what you asked for, without wasting time in unnecessary palaver.

Control the strategy

Don’t be held hostage to training content that cannot be changed later: you receive the course AND its materials in an editable format, open to future improvements or translations.


As soon as you validate the form, one of our 300 business experts will start producing a storyboard of the course that will be submitted to you before launching the multimedia creation.

Video, Quiz, Game, Interactive diagrams...

We transform your training content (text, presentation…) into interactive and multimedia screens to promote emotional engagement and intellectual curiosity of your learners. Each course is unique and the result of a match between your content, your audience and the scenario that is proposed to you.

Educational Workshops

Design of e-learning modules

Graphic design

Video production


Voice over


Content Translation

A disruptive approach

For a long time, creating e-learning modules has been a costly and complicated process with endless back and forth between client and provider. With TUDIO, everything becomes simple and transparent. You describe your project in our form, and we take care of the rest in record time and at an unbeatable price.

Free and instant quote

Import your document and select the options to know in advance the price of a possible order in advance. No obligation to buy.

Hundreds of organizations have created their e-learning modules with TUDIO